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I feel ya girlfriend. I haven’t paid for a concert ticket in years, my boss has a “guy” who probably swoops up seats with a bot or other means. I can’t complain, I’ve gotten to see big name bands like ZZ Top(front row!),Tom Petty(RIP),Fleetwood Mac, and The Police. Don’t know what it cost, but they probably weren’t cheap.

What I have endured lately was taking my 5 year old to see “Paw Patrol” in Tijuana ( here it’s called “Patrulla Canina”). His mother told me about the show, it was in a section of the old Jai Alai building in downtown TJ. I looked online and the ticket prices were about 150 pesos (8-9 dollars) but in the nosebleed seats. Front section was closer to $600 pesos($30), but I figured since it was just he and I ( his mother wisely declined to go), I’d splurge.

There were three shows, 12noon, 3PM and 6PM. I decided we would go to the 3PM show, thinking that there wouldn’t be much of a crowd on a Sunday afternoon. Wrong! The line to buy tickets was around the block. We got in at the end, and were immediately beset by vendors hawking all kinds of Paw merchandise. My son and I both suffer from “something shiny” syndrome, so immediately it was “Papa Scott, wil you buy me….”. I gave in and bought him a laminated lanyard for 10 pesos, telling him that that was it, nothing else.

The line started moving, and about 2:50PM, we got to the front, ready to buy our tickets, only to be told that we were in the wrong line, this was for ticket holders only. We were pointed to another (very long) line that obviously meant we weren’t going to make the 3PM show. In the new line, my son and a couple of other kids got into an argument over some dead leaves on the ground. I managed to find a dead leaf for each child, staving off any potential wrestling matches.

Finally got to the front of the ticket purchase line, where an overworked employee showed us a seating chart for the 6PM show. Not only were there no front section seats (they were sold out weeks ago!), the only available seats left were way off to the side of the stage, cutting off much of the visibility of the screen projecting images behind the live characters.

No matter, my five year old was thrilled to see his favorite cartoon friends come to life. Once again, we were assaulted by vendors and waiters offering more Paw merchadise, drinks and food.
When I say drinks, I should say sodas and water. If there had been beer or wine offered, I would have been a lot more tolerant of the constant intrusions which caused me to have to decline my kid’s nonstop requests. I finally assented to a mini pizza and water (about $15) which kept him happy, while I was assigned to guard his dead leaf.

I’m sure with a growing child there’ll be more such events, but at least I can try to plan ahead of time to make it less painful.

(If you squint, you can make out some of the characters onstage)Paw patrol